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Philomena comes from a long line of Celtic clairvoyants, inheriting the gift from her Irish ancestors. However in the olden days, they were unable to use their gifts due to resistance from established religions. Compounding this, she came from a very religious family, herself, that did not welcome her gifts, so she kept them hidden until her late teens.

She had learnt from an early age that she had special abilities to see and feel what was happening to people around her. She thought that all people had this gift, however it was, of course, not the case. In her early twenties she started to give out information to friends and strangers and they were startled at the accuracy of her revelations.


She began reading professionally around 1987 reading for friends, who in turn recommended their friends. She quickly developed an ardent following of both individuals and businesspeople from all corners of the world.

She is able to read via numerological analysis, photographs, handwriting, email, on the telephone, or in person. Techniques used include clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), psychometry (holding personal objects) and rune stones.

Currently she travels on a regular basis, reading for clients in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, U.S.A, the United Kingdom and of course Australia, where she resides.

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