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Certified Practitioner & Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).



Hypnosis is a naturally occurring, everyday state of mind that we all access regularly for various
reasons. It involves selective thinking and focused attention.

It is a trance-like state that allows a person's unconscious mind to play a greater role in the task being undertaken. This occurs while driving, in sports contests or when we are working in a truly focused environment. It is in this state that we do our best work. Our mind and body are simply relaxed and things just “happen” for us. Usually we can`t explain how or why we did what we did, but it usually turns out great so we don’t worry about it. The point is that you are in control.

During hypnotherapy work, the therapist assists and guides you to reach that state so that beneficial suggestions can be made to that part of your unconscious mind where the changes are required. Hypnosis is recognized as being one of the most effective ways of creating new behavioral patterns, controlling or eliminating symptoms and allowing you to rnove on to a more enriched lifestyle. All great athletes and sportspeoplc use a form ofhypnosis to allow them to reach peak performance. Business pcoplc use it regularly as it allows them to excel. Most ofus don’t even know what is happening. You can utilize it to reach your goals.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a process of using Ianguage of the mind to consistently achieve specific desired outcomes.

Neuro refers to the nervous system (the mind), linguistic refers to the language of the mind in which we experience the world and programming rulers to the wary in which we create habits and behaviours and the way in which we can create new and better ways to livc our lite and achieve our goals.


Time line therapy provides the means for a person to reflect book on a time and in detail ther they probably would not normally remember consciously.

It provides a way to resolve any unwanted or unnecessary emotional issues, while remaining free from any direct feelings from past events.

Time line therapy provides an excellent process for changing limited decisions or restrictive beliefs about self.

The process is quick and totally painless and is equally elfective for creating future goals, that once installed, are truly life changing.

You (all of us really) are the product of our lives so far. A person's past experiences, perceptions limiting decisions and beliefs, as well as any unresolved negative emotions continue to effect us all, at an unconscious level.

The problem is that some of these parts or our unconscious behaviour are not working in a way that enriches our lives and fulfils our dreams.

l can help you deal with these long forgotten factors and resolve and re-align your true life purpose with your actions and goals just imagine being able to rnove forward in your life free from the emotions and pain of those events from the past.


The way we operate, the habits we have, the way we continue to feel the Way we go about things is no
accident. We have actually programmed ourselves to do those things, unconsciously, That`s right. Usually, because we’ve done a certain habit so many times or in such an unconscious way, it's so deeply stuck at the unconscious level, that we need to go back there and undo that original programming if you are going to stop it today.

The same is true of other unwanted fears or behaviors. Because they were created so long ago, there is a need to resolve the emotional and psychological programming that created them in the first place.

So, ask yourself, what is it that would enhance your life and enable you to be the person you know you can be if that problem is gone forever?

• Weight loss
• Quit smoking
• Drug and alcohol addictions
• Eliminate anxiety
• Fears and phobias
• Insomnia or interrupted sleep
• Panic attacks-public speaking
• Memory, learning and concentration
• Lack ot confidence-low self esteem
• Procrastination-lack of self drive
• Control ot chronic pain
• Skin disorders and general health

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